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'Eating Clean' vs. Being In A Calorie Deficit

When you are dieting for fat loss, it's important to understand the difference between 'eating clean' and actually being in a calorie deficit. While lean meats and greens are less calorific than pizzas and chocolate bars, it's vital to remember that it's still possible to overindulge and overeat on these foods based on your personal caloric needs.

For your body to burn fat, the number of calories you consume MUST be lower than the number of calories you burn - this is non negotiable! You could eat 2000kcals worth of the cleanest, most organic food that money can buy, but if you're only burning 1,800kcals over the course of the day then you WILL NOT be able to lose body fat.

To calculate your personal recommended caloric requirements, you can use one of the online calculators like this one: Different websites may give you a slightly different reading, but it's important to remember that this is simply a rough starting point, so don't stress out too much.

When beginning a cut, look to start with your calories at around 300-500 below maintenance. The aim when dieting should always be to consume the highest total calories possible whilst still losing body fat, this will ensure that your energy, performance and mood are negatively impacted to the smallest extent possible.


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