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Exercise Spotlight - Single Arm Dumbbell Row

The Single Arm Dumbbell Row - an exercise I rarely see performed correctly. What you'll typically see is less 'dumbbell row' and more ' starting up a lawnmower'. Pop your ego away though and it's an exercise that offers multiple benefits, challenging your core stability and erectors whilst targeting your lats, rhomboids and lower traps.

Three key pointers to help you get the most out of the Single Arm Dumbbell Row are:

1) Your set up is vital. Your starting position will determine your ability to control and contract effectively, you have to create the most stable environment possible before you begin to move the weight.

2) Instead of moving 'up and down', think about pulling via your elbow and back toward your hip. We need to depress then retract the scapula through the concentric portion of the lift.

3) There should be no torso rotation at the top of the lift. You want to put your lat into the lengthened position at the bottom of the movement, then finish with a relatively neutral spine at the top.

* Important * - always take your time when performing a new exercise and use a weight that allows you to place the tension in the intended muscle(s). Once you nail that, then you can begin to progress the weight.

To see exactly how to perfom this exercise, check out the video on my Instagram page.


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