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The Camera Never Lies...

Updated: Jan 7, 2018

When we look at ourselves in the mirror everyday, it can be very hard to notice the small changes (hopefully improvements) to our body as they occur. Add to this the fact that we typically will be our own harshest critic and it's easy to see why we can get the feeling that we're moving nowhere fast. Often this will lead to demotivation, binges and in some cases, throwing the towel in all together.

The single biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone trying to make improvements to their physique would be to take weekly photos - Sunday morning is always a good one as it can help to keep you on the straight and narrow on a Saturday night! While your progress might not seem mindblowing on a week to week basis, being able to look back at your photos from a few months previous will hopefully serve to give you some perspective as to how much you've already improved. Progress photos will also give you a degree of weekly accountability to make sure that, no matter how big or small, you are making improvements each week.

Along with keeping tabs on fluctuations with your body weight (which you should make a note of alongside each photo), these photos will be the best indication of what adjustments need to be made to your training and nutritional programming too. There will be times where the scales don't tell the full story, however pictures don't lie - just ensure that your photos are always taken in the same light and under the same terms. Just as is the case with weighing yourself, on an empty stomach upon waking will always be the truest reflection of your current condition.


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