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My Top 5 Tips For The Gym Newbie

January - the month of the New Years Resolutioner's. Here are my top 5 tips to allow to you ensure that you're not just a one month wonder!

1) Set yourself realistic, sustainable targets. Telling yourself that you're going to start off by training 6 times per week around is not realistic, nor would it necessarily be beneficial for a gym newbie. Instead, start by commiting to 3 good quality sessions per week. You will likely be far more consistent, and consistency is the key to progression.

2) Perform full body sessions. Doing so will mean that you are able to train all muscle groups multiple times per week, allowing you to practice more frequently than if you performed single muscle group sessions. Individual muscles will also be unlikely to be able to handle an hours worth of well directed training stimulus in the early stages anyway.

3) Don't beat yourself up if you slip up. If you miss a session, just make sure you fit it in by the end of the week or the following week. If you eat something you shouldn't have, it doesn't mean that the whole day is ruined (so no demolishing packs of biscuits because you think you've already 'failed')! Just account for it in your later meals or the following day.

4) Go in with a plan. Attempting to make it up as you go along when you have limited exercise knowledge will likely lead to sessions with no structure, no direction, no intensity and before you know it you'll be sat on your phone wondering what's on TV. A good plan will ensure that you stay focused and productive.

5) If you're not sure, just ask. The worst thing you can do is to spend the next few months executing movements incorrectly, just because you didnt want to ask for help. Even more importantly however, is to make sure the person you ask for help knows what they're talking about! There are plenty of programs online for those new to weight training, and if you're really unsure, hiring a good coach will likely be a worthwhile investment.


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