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Optimal Environments for Progression

The environment (and people) in which you choose to surround yourself can and will have a huge impact on your development and your ability to fulfil your full potential.

If you don’t feel that your current environment is suitable of optimal for you to do so, then change it. There are going to be many variables in life that we’re unable to effect, so make the most of those that you can.

While it might be good for your ego to be the big fish in the small pond, you’re simultaneously inhibiting your ability to learn and grow. Surround yourself with people bigger, stronger, richer, more knowledgeable and that’s when the magic will start to happen.

I recently made the decision to separate my training and work environments, and it’s been a great decision. I identified the reason for my lowered sense of motivation and drive and I did something about it. As a result I’m feeling not only more productive when I’m training, but when I’m working too.

Reflect ---> Assess ---> Adjust.


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