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Worrying About The Wrong Things...

Inevitably when trying to improve our physique, most of us will likely have to make some lifestyle changes. The further we want to take our physique, the more lifestyle changes we will have to make. What it's important to do however, is to prioritise these changes in order of importance and influence.

Example... If you are someone who has poor sleeping habits, regularly misses gym sessions and spends most Sunday's nursing a hangover, do you think your are yet in a position to need to worry about having a bit of sauce on your meals (I'm using this example as I'm seeing more and more people jumping on the zero cal sauce bandwagon) to improve palatability and adherance? Before answering, lets bare in mind that a 20g serving of Nando's sauce equates to 14 calories.

Understand where you are on your journey and evaluate what major factors could be adressed initially to help you improve. Make it your goal to first master the basics (i.e. consistency with training, nutrition and recovery) before worrying about the finer details, as placing unnecessary restrictions on yourself (no sauces etc.) will not be enough to counteract bad habits and will definitely not make you happy.


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